Environmental, Health, & Safety Training

Effective workplace safety training not only helps you comply with OSHA requirements, it also can reduce accidents and injuries, lower workers’ compensation costs, improve employee engagement and morale, and preserve your company’s reputation. The experts at J. J. Keller have put together an extensive selection of online training courses and streaming videos to help you avoid OSHA’s top violations and keep employees safe.

Popular OSHA Safety Training Topics

Choose from our popular OSHA Workplace Safety training topics below or view our full library of workplace safety training titles in the course library.

Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Bloodborne Pathogen Training

This Training curriculum includes vital information on the risks that bloodborne pathogens pose, methods employees can take to limit exposure, and what to do if they've had an exposure incident with blood.

Workplace Safety Basics Training

Workplace Safety Basics Training

The training curriculum covers an introduction to general safe work practices, various safe workspace arrangements, the safe use of tools and equipment, and procedures for what to do in the event an emergency occurs.

Personal Protective Equipment Training

Personal Protective Equipment Training: Employee Essentials

This training curriculum introduces learners to the different types of PPE used in the workplace helps them to select, care for, and properly wear PPE for their on-the-job safety.

Workplace Safety Corrective Action Training

Workplace Safety Corrective Action/Remedial Training

This series of online training courses will help you administer root cause corrective action training on essential workplace safety topics. Use this training to ensure compliance, reduce risk and avoid costly incidents.

Walkway Safety Training for Employees

Walkway Safety Training

This training curriculum provides learners with an introduction to general walkway safety and helps them recognize and prevent falls from the same level.

Forklift Training

Forklift Operator Training

This multi-course training curriculum helps learners choose, inspect, and operate a forklift in a safe way, protecting themselves and their coworkers from the potential hazards associated with their use.

OSHA 10 & 30

OSHA 10-Hour and OSHA 30-Hour Online Training

J. J. Keller offers OSHA online training for both General Industry and Construction. These courses teach learners how to recognize, avoid, and abate workplace hazards, while also providing information on workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, and more.

Incidental Hazardous Spill Responder Training

Incidental Hazardous Spill Responder Training

This training curriculum provides learners with an overview of hazardous substances, available information sources on the hazardous substances in the workplace, PPE that may be necessary in a spill event, and how to appropriately respond if an incidental spill occurs within the workplace.

Stormwater Management Training for the Multi-Sector General Permit

Stormwater Management Training for the Multi-Sector General Permit

This training curriculum is designed to help staff members involved with stormwater management meet the training requirements under Section of the Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) regulations.

RCRA Hazardous Waste Generator Training

RCRA Hazardous Waste Generator Training

This training curriculum is designed to help learners understand the responsibilities of hazardous waste generators, how to properly manage waste, and how to ship and plan for emergencies.



Environmental, Health & Safety Training FAQs

Safety training is critical to ensure employees know how to perform their jobs safely and without injury so they can go home to their families each night. Dozens of OSHA general industry rules include training or employee information requirements, including bloodborne pathogens, electrical safety, and fire extinguishers. Most companies choose to go beyond OSHA safety training, however, and train on any safety issue that could present workplace hazards to their employees. Implementing an employee safety training program simply makes good business sense, because trained employees can recognize hazards and avoid workplace accidents, helping you cut down on costly incidents.

A general template for a safety training program includes:

  • An introduction to the topic;
  • An outline of the program’s agenda and training objectives;
  • A description of the hazards related to the topic;
  • A discussion of how employees are exposed to the hazards;
  • An explanation of the steps the employer has taken to eliminate, minimize, or otherwise control the hazards;
  • A review of safety rules, policies, and procedures related to the topic;
  • Instruction on what employees are expected to do to limit their exposure to the hazards;
  • Demonstrations of equipment or procedures to be used by the employees;
  • Case studies, table-top exercises, or discussions on how employees can use what they’ve learned as they work;
  • A review of the topic;
  • A question and answer period; and
  • A quiz, observation, or other evaluation.

Online safety courses can help you get started with minimal preparation and maximum flexibility. Whether you prefer to use a classroom or self-paced approach, or a combination of both, J. J. Keller has what you need.

We offer 10-Hour and 30-Hour OSHA training courses for general industry or construction where you or your employees can earn your online OSHA certification.

Learn more here:https://demo.jjkellertraining.com/industries/specialty-training/osha10-and-30-hour-online

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