Customer Testimonials

When it comes to the quality of our training, you don’t have to just take our word for it. Below you’ll find some of the user feedback we’ve received from J. J. Keller® Training customers.

The content on J. J. Keller Training is thorough, relevant, and presented in a manner that employees can comprehend. The platform is extremely user friendly, and the courses can be done at our employees' convenience. Most of our employees work off-site and have fluctuating schedules so it is difficult to schedule a specific time and date for training. With J. J. Keller Training, they can stop the course if they need to and pick back up later. I would absolutely recommend J. J. Keller Training.

Aimee Wilson, EHS Manager | Adler Tank Rentals, LLC | Deer Park, TX


I am impressed with how user friendly your site is as well as how easy the process was … Thank you for all you do and offer at a very reasonable price. I would give it more than 5 stars if it was an option.

Dpayne, General Manager/Operations | Butler, MO


I find JJ Keller PPV [Pay Per View] video training a valuable resource for employee training. The system administration is simple and affordable and the quality of training materials is excellent. I regularly receive positive feedback from trainees and highly recommend JJ Keller to any organization.

PublicServant, HR Professional | SeaTac, WA


Set up a course for my driver to take. He took it the very same day with no problems at all! Excellent site & tutorials.

LadyAce, Owner-Operator | Riverside

I see the ROI from J. J. Keller training in our insurance. We've gone from a 260% loss ratio to 25% in one year. Read More...

David Rupnick, Building/Safety Manager | IDI Distributors | Chanhassen, MN

J. J. Keller Training provides efficient, effective material for our employees to use on a daily basis. We trust J. J. Keller to deliver the best content available to keep our drivers safe on the road every day.

Mark Ulrich, Supervisor of Maintenance Permitting | Gemini Motor Transport

I would definitely recommend J. J. Keller Training because it's user-friendly and easy to manage. What's more, I can customize the training and even print a certificate for each employee trained. We use the DOT online training for our commercial drivers and it provides a lot of good information, plus employees can complete the training at their own pace. J. J. Keller is an established, trustworthy company. I wouldn't use any other training provider.

Silvia Noriega, DOT Compliance Specialist | Texas Sterling Construction Company | Houston, TX

We've been using J. J. Keller training materials since 1991 and have always found them easy to understand. Their videos are used daily in our 5 driver training schools to help students better understand the laws governing the trucking industry. Each year, we train an average of 325 students with help from J. J. Keller. J. J. Keller's customer service is second to none! Our representative is very helpful and has never pushed us into purchasing something we don't need. That above all, to me, speaks volumes.

Greg Griffin, Director of Driver Training | Millis Training Institute

We do our monthly safety training and the classroom portion of our forklift training through J. J. Keller Training. This has worked so well for us we've expanded into DOT training. The content covers all the relevant and required material in an easy to understand way that allows our employees to absorb the material, recognize the various hazards, and protect themselves and others. The entire process is efficient and effective.

John Hare, Director of Health, Safety, and Environmental

Because of the J. J. Keller online training the improvement that we're seeing with the trainee is phenomenal. They seem to be much more educated from day one when they hit the dock. View Video Testimonial

Rick Fleischer | Altoona, PA

J. J. Keller Training is the best thing I've ever bought from J. J. Keller. I now spend a day and a half less on each orientation.

Sam Lively | Shreveport, LA

J. J. Keller Training has made it more convenient to train our drivers who are independent contractors, especially since many of the courses are mobile friendly. The course content is always up to date and includes helpful quizzes along the way along with a final test. I have had many positive responses from drivers after completing the courses. I would definitely recommend this service.

Debbie Raymond | Schuylkill Haven, PA

I see a marked improvement in the completion/compliance of the daily driver logs among those that completed the [Hours of Service] online course. In general, our drivers are more aware of what the rules are related to the completion of logs.

Jim Carfora | Rockland, MA

J. J. Keller Training has made training easier because it's so simple to keep track of who has taken what courses. Plus, instead of having to put together our own presentations, the service has entertaining, reliable and to-the-point courses just a few clicks away.

Catherine Johnson | Galivants Ferry, SC

J. J. Keller Training simplifies my work by providing an easily accessible, interactive learning curriculum on a consistent, web-based platform for employees across varied locations. I would recommend J. J. Keller Training because of its quality content, impactful learning, awesome technical support and convenient reporting. Kudos!

Johnetta Scales | Nashville, TN

J. J. Keller Training courses have great information and visuals and cover a wide variety of workplace examples without seeming unrelated to anyone's job. The courses are diverse, yet broad enough to be useful to everyone.

Michelle Lewis | Rochester, NY

I've been using J. J. Keller Training for seven years, and it has made training much easier. The content is easy for employees to access and understand, and gives them good insight and knowledge. I would highly recommend J. J. Keller Training.

Lorena Parker | Chattanooga, TN

We've trained 50 employees with J. J. Keller Training. With multiple locations in different states, it makes it easier to ensure everyone gets the same training. I especially like the training content, as well as how easy it is to assign courses and track employee progress.

Martha Landreth | Gaston, SC

With J. J. Keller Training, we can train employees individually, instead of bringing them all into a classroom at one time - shutting down production. By training one employee at a time with headphones on, there are no distractions.

Mike Cswercko | Omaha, NE

With J. J. Keller Training I'm able to manage training related to federal, DOT, OSHA, state and corporate requirements - coast to coast - regardless of my location. The centralized recordkeeping and progress monitoring aspects of the system provide me with fingertip access to all my data instantly. The curriculum is reliable and up to date, and the presentations are concise.

Rich Conway, Safety Director