Walkway Safety Training for Employees


This training curriculum provides learners with an introduction to general walkway safety and helps them recognize and prevent falls from the same level.

Walkway Safety Training for Employees

Falls within the workplace are a worldwide problem and cannot be ignored. Walkways can be found in every type of industry and are intended to enable both employees and guests to safely walk around the property. The unfortunate reality is, not all walkways are properly designed or maintained. To make matters worse, we are a highly distracted society. As the capabilities of our handheld devices increase, so does our risk of injury while using our phones while walking.

The statistics related to falls are alarming. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported falls as the second leading cause of unintentional injuries, after road traffic injuries, with approximately 650,000 falls occurring each year. While this number includes falls from an elevated surface, people can, and do, die from falling on the same level. Additionally, falls often result in injury, which can cost a substantial amount of money for both the company and the person who becomes injured.

While some environments are naturally more prone to falls, they can happen to anyone, anywhere. Employers and employees alike can make a difference in helping to prevent injuries and fatalities from slips, trips, and falls.

Walkway Safety for Employees Curriculum

The Walkway Safety for Employees Curriculum is designed to provide learners with an introduction to general walkway safety and help them recognize and prevent falls from the same level.

Curriculum Length: 80 minutes

Three online courses are included within the Walkway Safety for Employees Curriculum:

Walkway Safety for Employees Module 1: Foundations of Walkway Safety
Foundations of Walkway Safety

Designed to provide learners an overview of walkway safety, including the different types of events that can lead to falls, where and why they occur, and the different costs associated with them.

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Walkway Safety for Employees Module 2: Hazard Recognition
Hazard Recognition

Designed to increase the learner's ability to recognize factors and hazards that put you at a greater risk of falling. By knowing what to look for, you can identify walkway surfaces and hazards and prevent injuries due to falls.

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Walkway Safety for Employees Module 3: Hazard Prevention and Incident Response
Hazard Prevention & Incident Response

Designed to provide learners an overview of different ways both employers and employees can proactively attempt to prevent falls from occurring within the workplace. It'll also describe how to appropriately respond if an incident does occur.

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Prevent Injuries & Fatalities From Slips, Trips, and Falls

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