Wokplace Safety Basics


This training curriculum provides employees with a high-level overview of a number of workplace safety topics.

Workplace Safety Basics

Workplace Safety is a shared responsibility between employers and their employees. From a company perspective, focusing on safety can help prevent injuries and accidents that can cost your company money and expose it to liability.

Under the General Duty Clause (Section 5(a)(1) of the OSH Act of 1970), OSHA requires the employer to provide a safe environment for their employees. According to OSHA, a "safe" environment is one which is free from hazards that could cause your employees serious harm.

Orientation can be the perfect opportunity to introduce your company's safety program and begin building a strong foundation of safety before employees start performing any actual work. But creating a safety culture is not a one-time event. You can also use the Workplace Safety Basics training program (or portions of it) as refresher or remedial training to help ensure safety is always top of mind.

Workplace Safety Basics Training Curriculum

The Workplace Safety Basics curriculum includes four training modules and provides employees with high-level overview of a number of workplace safety topics. Specifically, it covers an introduction to generic safe work practices, various engineering controls that can be used to create a safe work environment, the safe use of tools and equipment, and what an employee should do in the event an emergency occurs.

Please note: This curriculum is intended on being an introductory-level training. These courses provide your employees with just the basic safety knowledge they need to get them started on the job. Your employees may be required to complete more thorough, in-depth/hands-on training on some of these topics, depending on their roles.

Workplace Safety Basics Module 1: Work Practices
Work Practices

Teaches learners safe work practices and procedures that can help protect themselves and other around them.

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Workplace Safety Basics Module 2: Work Environment
Work Environment

Helps learners identify workspace arrangements that help maintain a safe work environment.

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Workplace Safety Basics Module 3: Safe Use of Equipment
Safe Use of Equipment

Helps learners recognize the hazards associated with using tools and equipment and identify safe ways to operate them.

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Workplace Safety Basics Module 4: In Case of an Emergency
In Case of an Emergency

Teaches learners the appropriate actions to take based on their level of authorization in the event of an emergency.

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Create a Strong Foundation for Workplace Safety

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