Transportation & Driver Safety Training

Both new and veteran commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers need transportation safety and compliance training to help them avoid accidents and DOT violations. J. J. Keller® DOT & driver safety training programs — developed in cooperation by our regulatory experts and adult learning specialists — can help keep your drivers vigilant.

Popular DOT & Driver Safety Training Topics

Choose from our popular DOT & driver training topics below or view our full library of transportation training titles in the course library.

Defensive Driving for CMV Drivers

Defensive Driving Training

This training curriculum is designed to help drivers develop their defensive driving skills and offers up best practices on how to anticipate the potential for danger and avoid it.

Reasonable Suspicion Training

Reasonable Suspicion Training

This Reasonable Suspicion Training curriculum is designed to help driver supervisors understand how to deal with a driver who may be impaired by alcohol and/or drugs. This program fully satisfies the requirements of 49 CFR 382.603.

Entry Level Driver Training

Entry-Level Driver Training

J. J. Keller’s online ELDT courses will help you exceed the FMCSA’s mandated theory instruction requirements. These interactive, expert-backed programs are designed to be used in tandem with our student and trainer manuals as part of a thorough program.

Truck driver using ELD

Hours of Service Training

J. J. Keller’s Hours of Service Training will help you familiarize your drivers with the hours of service regulations, as well as give them an understanding of how hours of service limits affect safety and productivity.

Driver changing placard in the back of trailer

Corrective Action Training

This series of driver training online courses will help you provide concise remedial training on transport safety and compliance topics. Use the online training to help prevent accidents and violations.

Yard Driver Training

Yard Driver Training

The Yard Driver Training curriculum is designed to provide yard drivers (yard jockeys) with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to operate a yard vehicle safely and in compliance with applicable regulations.

Canada Driver Training: Driving Fundamentals

Canada Driver Training

Canada Driver Training helps drivers succeed by teaching them how to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) skillfully and safely. It also helps them understand the regulations that apply to them, be alert and defensive on the road, and provide professional customer service.


Transportation Safety Training FAQs

There are only a handful of required DOT training topics. They include entry-level driver training, education/instruction on drug and alcohol testing requirements, and training for vehicle inspectors. However, Section 390.3(e) of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) states that:

  • Every employer must be knowledgeable of and comply with all regulations contained in the FMCSRs that are applicable to that motor carrier’s operations;
  • Every driver and employee must be instructed regarding, and must comply with, all applicable regulations contained in the FMCSRs; and
  • All motor vehicle equipment and accessories required by the FMCSRs must be maintained in compliance with all applicable performance and design criteria set forth in the FMCSRs.

Motor carriers can help meet these requirements by having a comprehensive training program.

Though a motor carrier cannot be cited for not training on a specific topic, not training a driver can have consequences if violations are cited.

Civil penalties (fines) are determined based on limits stated in the regulations and consideration of information available at the time the claim is made. This information includes history of prior offenses, degree of culpability, and other matters as justice or public safety may require.

This is where proof of training is very important. Having and documenting training for drivers may not absolve a motor carrier of all fines and penalties, but it can help minimize their severity.

When it comes to “non-required” training, general topics to consider as part of your training program include driver orientation, the regulations, driving skills, and workplace safety. Hours of service, vehicle inspection, and cargo securement are just some of the regulatory topics that should be addressed on a regular basis.

All drivers, including your veteran drivers, can benefit from a review of driving skills. Over time, poor driving habits or incorrect skills can develop, causing a greater risk for accidents, incidents, and near misses.

A review of driving techniques such as backing procedures and turning, as well as procedural issues such as driving in adverse weather conditions and operating at night, are examples of driver training courses that should be delivered on a regular basis.

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