Safe & Smart Driver Training Program

Safe & Smart Driver Training

Help reduce the chance of accidents by providing your commercial motor vehicle non‑commercial driver’s license (CDL) and CDL Class A drivers with the training they need to be safe, compliant and professional.

Train your drivers with our Safe & Smart Driver Training curriculums, which include self‑paced online training ‑ covering topics such as vehicle inspections, defensive driving, and hours of service ‑ and can be taken anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection.

Let us conduct the training for you with our J. J. Keller® Safe & Smart Driver Training Program, which can be customized specifically to your company’s needs.

Browse our wide range of Safe & Smart online courses for both CDL and Non-CDL Drivers:


INEXPERIENCED drivers are those who have been operating a CMV for a year or less and require more in-depth orientation training.
EXPERIENCED drivers are those who have been operating a CMV for more than a year and need a refresher on key topics.

J. J. Keller® Safe & Smart Driver Training Program

This in-depth, hands-on program will teach your new and existing CMV drivers how to drive safely, understand the regulations, and provide professional customer service.

Developed by our training experts and delivered by veteran instructors, the J. J. Keller® Safe & Smart Driver Training Program begins with an assessment of your training needs that allows us to customize the perfect program for your company, your cargo and your vehicles, whether they be delivery vans, straight trucks or other CMVs. Training can occur at your location(s) or virtually anywhere nationwide!

The program features a combination of interactive online courses and peer-to-peer classroom, range and road experiences, and includes four program options:

  • New Hire — New Driver Training covers everything new drivers need to become skilled CMV drivers.
  • New Hire — Experienced Driver Training provides refresher training to ensure experienced drivers meet a company’s safety standards.
  • Defensive Driving — Recurring Training teaches current company drivers about key safety behaviors.
  • Driver Coaching helps quickly address negative driving events

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