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“Hours of Service” (HOS) refers to the maximum amount of time CMV drivers are permitted to be on duty. These regulations also specify the number and length of rest periods in an effort to prevent fatigue-related accidents.

A transportation leader since 1953, J. J. Keller’s HOS training curriculum covers all aspects of these essential requirements, including the 2020 Final Rule.

Also available: Canada Hours of Service Training


Time is limited. No one can add a minute to an hour, day, or week. For professional drivers, time is further limited by the hours of service regulations. The purpose of the hours of service regulations is to keep tired drivers off the road. After many hours behind the wheel, fatigue sets in and can lead to bad decisions and deadly crashes. For the safety of all drivers, compliance with the hours of service regulations has been required of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers since the 1930s.

The Hours of Service Training curriculum will help drivers and carriers be compliant while maximizing available hours through a full understanding of how the limits affect safety and productivity.

The Hours of Service training curriculum includes six modules:

Hours of Service Training Module 1: Basics
Hours of Service Training Module 1:

Designed to cover the fundamentals of hours of service regulations and what it means to be regulated.

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Hours of Service Training Module 2: Limits
Hours of Service Training Module 2:

Helps drivers avoid operating a commercial motor vehicle when fatigued and comply with the hours of service limits by ensuring they understand how each of the limits or clocks work together.

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Hours of Service Training Module 3: Recording Your Hours
Hours of Service Training Module 3:
Recording Your Hours

Teaches drivers when each type of record can be used and how each is evaluated during a roadside inspection.

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Hours of Service Training Module 4: Exceptions
Hours of Service Training Module 4:

Helps drivers understand which exceptions can be used and when to use them.

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Hours of Service Training Module 5: ELD Basics
Hours of Service Training Module 5:
ELD Basics

Helps drivers compliantly use ELDs and correctly use the special driving categories of personal conveyance and yard move.

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Hours of Service Training Module 6: How to Complete a Manual Log
Hours of Service Training Module 6:
How to Complete a Manual Log

Helps drivers understand which fields are required and which are optional to accurately prepare their record of duty status and how to complete a recap to avoid violations.

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Keep your drivers awake, aware, and safe!

From Our Customers...


I see a marked improvement in the completion/compliance of the daily driver logs among those that completed the [Hours of Service] online course. In general, our drivers are more aware of what the rules are related to the completion of logs.

Jim Carfora | Rockland, MA

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