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Empower bystanders to stand up to sexual harassment and promote a safe, respectful workplace with Sexual Harassment Prevention. Developed in cooperation with a leading researcher, this unique program will help your employees prevent sexual harassment, and, in the event it does occur, respond swiftly and appropriately.

Divided into six easy-to-digest modules, the program covers:

  • What Is Sexual Harassment?
  • Civility In The Workplace
  • Taking Action
  • Addressing Harassment
  • What Happens Next?
  • Additional Management Responsibilities


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Everyone wants to feel respected and safe in their workplace. When an employee experiences sexual harassment, their sense of respect and safety is violated. But what is sexual harassment, exactly?
You've likely heard a lot about sexual harassment in the news. These stories may differ in their details, but one common theme is shared by all of them — an abuse of power that manifests in a sexual or sex-based way. We can all agree that abuses of power are wrong. For instance, it is wrong for someone with power over financial matters in a company to abuse that power by embezzling funds from the company. It is also wrong for someone with social power over coworkers or subordinates to subject those people to unwanted sexual or otherwise disrespectful behaviors that target them because they happen to be a man or a woman.
The tricky part about sexual harassment is that those with power sometimes don't recognize when they are abusing it and that those without power are reluctant to speak up for fear of workplace consequences. This training session will help you sort out not just which behaviors are likely to be sexual harassment, but the techniques you can use in response to those behaviors in order to help keep your workplace respectful and safe.
There are multiple definitions of sexual harassment, and all of them contain a degree of subjectivity. Recognize that sexual harassment is not a black and white issue, it involves subjective experiences. A behavior that is fun or funny in one work group could be offensive and threatening in another. That's why employees need to use communication and conflict management skills so they can have the difficult conversations that help maintain professional norms in their work environments.
Sexual Harassment Prevention is a six-part series designed to help prevent sexual harassment from happening in the first place. And, in the unfortunate event it does occur, learners will be prepared to respond swiftly and appropriately to the situation.

Module 1: Sexual Harassment Prevention: What is Sexual Harassment?

Helps learners recognize sexual harassment, discuss the impact it has on individuals and the organization, explain the differences between quid pro quo and hostile work environment, and recognize behavior that may not be considered legally actionable sexual harassment.

Module 2: Sexual Harassment Prevention: Civility in the Workplace

Helps learners assess the professionalism of a situation, describe methods for conscious inclusion to combat unconscious bias, explain ways to hold each other accountable, and recognize and avoid acceptance or "normalizing" of inappropriate behavior.

Module 3: Sexual Harassment Prevention: Taking Action

Helps learners determine if sexual harassment has occurred, explain methods to stop harassment, explain how to provide corrective feedback to a harasser, and discuss ways to support a victim.

Module 4: Sexual Harassment Prevention: Addressing Harassment

Helps learners describe the steps for proper documentation, explain how to report an incident, and recognize when an incident may require outside help.

Module 5: Sexual Harassment Prevention: What Happens Next?

Helps learners discuss the importance of thorough investigations, recognize forms of retaliation, describe steps to document and report retaliation, and discuss the importance of providing support.

Module 6 (Managers only): Sexual Harassment Prevention: Additional Management Responsibilities

Helps learners identify the risks involved with allowing a culture of harassment, explain the benefits of building a harassment-free workplace, describe how to respond to a report of sexual harassment, discuss how to proceed with a claim of harassment on social media, and discuss steps for resuming normal operations.
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Shannon L. Rawski, Ph.D. - Expert in Sexual Harassment & Sexual Harassment Training… to any company looking to prevent sexual harassment with an evidence-based product that builds up employees’ competencies for bystander intervention. The bystander approach is based on my own research on employee reactions to sexual harassment training and is designed to reduce backlash reactions to training. J. J. Keller’s training doesn’t stop at presenting the legal definitions; it helps employees understand the social complexity of sexual harassment and ways to establish respectful workgroup norms.

Shannon L. Rawski, Ph.D.
Expert in Sexual Harassment & Sexual Harassment Training

Dr. Shannon L. Rawski is an assistant professor of Human Resource Management at University of Wisconsin — Oshkosh and a consultant at Thrive Mind Consulting, LLC, specializing in assessing and improving sexual harassment training effectiveness. Her research has been cited by popular media such as the The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, and more.

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