Vehicle Inspections Training: Tractor-Trailers
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Vehicle Inspections Training: Tractor-Trailers

Routine vehicle inspections help drivers uncover unsafe conditions before they cause accidents and crashes, find mechanical problems before they lead to breakdowns, and prevent being placed out of service during a roadside inspection. Vehicle Inspections: Tractor-Trailers will help your drivers learn how to conduct proper pre-trip, on-the-road and post-trip inspections.


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Successful commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers must do all they can to avoid accidents, roadside breakdowns, and lost road time due to poor vehicle condition. Conducting vehicle inspections helps drivers keep their vehicles in good working order. Routine vehicle inspections enable drivers to discover unsafe conditions before they cause accidents or crashes, find mechanical problems before they lead to costly breakdowns on the road, prevent being placed out of service during a roadside inspection, and avoid being subject to infractions and fines that affect productivity and profits.

This course is designed to help drivers conduct proper pre-trip, on-the-road, and post-trip inspections on standard CMVs.

After viewing this Vehicle Inspections training program, learners will be able to:

  • Conduct a thorough pre-trip inspection
  • Explain when an on-the-road inspection needs to be done, and how to complete one
  • Complete a proper post-trip inspection
  • Explain when a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) is required, and how to complete one

J. J. Keller's Vehicle Inspections: Tractor Trailers training covers the following topics:

1. Pre-Trip Inspections (FMCSR Sec. 392.7 and 396.13) - Performed before taking a vehicle on the road to identify problems that could cause a breakdown or crash.

  • Getting Started
  • Step 1: Engine Compartment & Front Axle Components
  • Step 2: In-Cab Inspection
  • Step 3: Lights
  • Step 4: Walk-Around
  • Step 5: Brake System Check

2. On-the-Road Inspections (FMCSR Sec. 392.9) - Performed while driving (check of dashboard gauges) and whenever stopped (check of tires, wheels, rims, brakes, lights, electrical and air connections to trailer, trailer coupling devices, and cargo securement).

  • When to Perform
  • How to Perform

3. Post-Trip Inspections (FMCSR Sec. 396.11) - Performed at day's end and includes filling out a driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) and listing any problems discovered.

  • Procedures
  • DVIR


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