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Hours of Service Training: Basics

On September 29, 2020, the hours-of-service regulations surrounding adverse driving conditions, mandatory breaks, the short-haul exception, and split sleeper berth changed. J. J. Keller’s Hours of Service Training will help you familiarize your drivers with these changes as well as give them an understanding of how hours-of-service limits affect safety and productivity.

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It’s important for drivers to understand what it means to be regulated. Being regulated means a governmental agency is watching each driver and their safe behaviors—or lack of them. Even if you’re not keeping score, they are. In fact, for compliance with the commercial vehicle safety regulations there are seven separate scores. The hours-of-service CSA BASIC score has the most common driver violations. It measures how often drivers are likely driving tired or fatigued. Some studies suggest that operating tired is like operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It’s dangerous for everyone on the road.

Hours of Service Training: Basics is designed to cover the fundamentals of hours-of-service regulations and what it means to be regulated. Drivers will learn what types of activities they are expected to keep track of, and which are considered on-duty or off-duty. They will learn the importance of tracking rest cycles and the amount of work they’ve completed, which will help them determine if they are safe and legal to drive.

After completing this training, learners will be able to:

  • Identify who the hours-of-service regulations apply to
  • Recognize the purpose of the hours-of-service regulations
  • Differentiate between on-duty and off-duty activities
  • Explain how hours-of-service violations affect driver and carrier CSA scores

The J. J. Keller Hours of Service Training: Basics training program covers the following topics:

Who is Regulated?

  • Definition of a CMV
  • Driver and Carrier Responsibility
    • Shared responsibility
    • Shared consequences

Purpose of the Hours-of-Service Regulations

  • Keep Fatigued Drivers Off the Road
  • Reduce the Number of Fatigue-Related Crashes

Working Time

  • On-Duty Time
  • Off-Duty Time
  • Tracking Cycles of On- and Off-Duty
  • Regulations Track the Cycles of Driving, Work, and Rest
  • Tracking is Designed to Encourage Circadian Rhythm
  • Regulations Measure the Driver’s Ability to Get Rest

Your Impact on Your Hours-of-Service CSA BASIC Score

  • CSA BASIC Overview
  • Hours-of-Service Violations
  • Hours-of-Service Citations
  • Difference Between Citations and Violations
  • Citation Amounts
  • Civil Litigation
  • Miranda rights

Intended Audience: Property-Carrying CMV Drivers

Regulations Covered: 49 CFR Part 395

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The following Hours of Service training modules are also available:


Hours of Service Training: Limits is designed to help drivers avoid operating a commercial motor vehicle when fatigued and comply with the hours-of-service limits by ensuring they understand how each of the limits or clocks work together. It will also help them to know when to take a break and when to rest to restart their hours. Learn more.


Hours of Service Training: Recording Your Hours is designed to teach drivers when each type of record can be used and how each is evaluated during a roadside inspection. It also helps drivers with planning their trips to avoid violations. Learn more.


Hours of Service Training: Exceptions is designed to help drivers understand which exceptions can be used and when to use them.

There are seven commonly used hours-of-service exceptions included in this training:

  • Air-mile radius short-haul,
  • 16-hour (“big day”),
  • Split-sleeper berth,
  • Adverse driving conditions,
  • Electronic logging devices (ELDs),
  • Agricultural operations, and
  • Personal conveyance.

Carriers may allow or prohibit the use of exceptions based on their policies and practices. Learn more.


Hours of Service Training: ELD Basics is designed to help drivers compliantly use ELDs and correctly use the special driving categories of personal conveyance and yard move. This will help drivers understand their role in reducing unassigned driving events, when to edit the record, and the importance of reviewing the record before submission. Learn more.


Hours of Service Training: How to Complete a Manual Log is designed to help drivers understand which fields are required and which are optional to accurately prepare their record of duty status and how to complete a recap to avoid violations. Learn more.


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