COVID-19 Prevention for Employers: How to Keep a Safe Workplace

COVID-19 Prevention for Employers: How to Keep a Safe Workplace 

With this course — which takes into consideration state-specific CDC and OSHA guidance for the states of CA, MI, OR, NJ, and VA— you can provide your managers and supervisors with the action steps they need to assess risk and protect workers from COVID-19 exposure on the job. View course details
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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the way workers work. No matter the industry or type of job, most workers have at least some exposure from coworkers, customers, or the general public. The virus poses serious hazards—employers have a responsibility to protect workers by assessing risk and implementing safeguards, which in turn decreases liability from OSHA citations, workers' compensation claims, and potential lawsuits.

COVID-19 Prevention for Employers: How to Keep a Safe Workplace is designed to provide managers and supervisors with information needed to assess risk and protect workers from COVID-19 exposure on the job.

The J. J. Keller COVID-19 Prevention for Employers: How to Keep a Safe Workplace online course covers the following topics:


  • Introduction
  • What You'll Learn

Know Your Risk

  • Job Classification
  • Methods of Transmission

Prevention Methods

  • General Guidelines
  • Special Considerations

Responding to Worker Exposure

  • Report Exposure
  • Informing Workers of Exposures
  • Quarantine
  • Guidance for Essential Workers


  • Summary

After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Determine their workers' risk class based on the four job classifications of risk defined by OSHA and the CDC
  • Identify common ways COVID-19 is transmitted within the workplace
  • Describe different work control methods to prevent employee exposure to COVID-19
  • Explain how to respond to workers who have been exposed to COVID-19 or exhibit symptoms

Intended Audience: Managers and supervisors in any industry who have workers with exposure to COVID-19.

Regulations Covered: State-specific CDC and OSHA guidance for the states of CA, MI, OR, NJ, and VA

Copyright Date: 2020 (updated 2021)

Course Length: 25 minutes



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Coronavirus and your Workplace


The outbreak of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) presents new challenges in the workplace. Businesses can get ready to respond to the crisis by creating a multi-faceted plan and by being able to adapt to an ever-changing situation in a way that supports the entire organization.

Written by J. J. Keller Editor Terri Dougherty, the free whitepaper Coronavirus and Your Workplace covers areas your business needs to consider to be prepared for the coronavirus crisis:

  • Responding to the outbreak
  • Communicating with your workforce
  • Consideration of employee rights
  • OSHA compliance responsibilities
  • Support for business operations
  • A flexible and timely response

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