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Active Shooter/Active Threat training

Empower your employees to take charge of their own safety in a workplace shooting incident with Active Shooter/Active Threat: How to Survive. Developed in conjunction with law enforcement experts, the program will help your employees identify a potential threat and act quickly.

Topics covered in the program include:

  • Recognizing warning signs of potential workplace violence
  • Preparing for an active threat situation
  • Identifying the best course of action if confronted with an active shooter (Avoid, Deny, Defend)

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Also available for management, human resources, and emergency preparedness teams:

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Active Shooter/Active Threat:
Organizational Preparedness & Recovery


This training program helps members of management and Human Resources (HR) prepare employees for a potential threat incident. It also provides guidance to help the companyand those who have survived such an incidentrecover from the tragedy.
After completing this active shooter training program, management and HR will be able to:
• Identify actions their organization can take to prepare for a workplace shooter or threat incident
• Describe actions management can take in order to help the organization recover from an active shooter or threat incident

Prepare management and HR for active threat situations.

Online Course Video On Demand

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